Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tired of Canning Cherries? Dehydrate Them Instead!

I put up cherries in many different ways but my favorite is dehydrating. Dried cherries are great in muffins, granola or even just a snack. They are easy to dry and keep for a long time.

Making Your Own Dried Cherries Saves Money and Preserves the Harvest

Here in Georgia, the end of June means cherry season. The farmer's markets and grocery stores are filled with bins of red, black and bing cherries and it is practically impossible to not pick some more up on each visit. 

Cherries are a good candidate for preserving and there are many ways to do that including canning and freezing. The easiest method, however, is drying them in a food dehydrator. They will last for at least a year in a dark cupboard or practically indefinitely in the freezer.